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Project Enrichment

This page has been designed to inform you on the outcome of Project Enrichment; a project which looked at ideas for strengthening the educational and operational provision at Blackthorns Community Primary Academy and Lindfield Primary Academy through an ongoing partnership. The project ran through the Autumn term of 2021 and after successfully completing what it set out to do, it has now closed.

The project worked closely with staff and community leaders, gathering community feedback through surveys, in-person engagement events, and the project hub. Recommendations, reflection of ideas and aspirations of staff and the community were passed through to the Board of Trustees who met on Tuesday 7th December 2021 to consider them. The recommendations have now fallen into five categories:

  • Joint working – looking to share best practices, experience, and evidence
  • Sharing facilities – optimising availability and access
  • Widening provision and access to school clubs and specialist skills
  • Strengthening staff strategic leadership and development opportunities
  • Future aspirations – potential shared projects

The Trustees heard from the Chairs of both Local Boards, Alice Allen, and Julie Keylock as part of a wider presentation made by the Project Steering Group. The Trustees then met in private to discuss and decide whether to accept, defer or reject the recommendations. The recommendations were finalised as:

  • Setting up informal moderation sessions to share evidence and assessment
  • Subject Leaders collaboration across subjects/specialisms
  • Sharing reading strategies
  • Extra-curricular joint coordination and planning of activities
  • Opening up access to clubs and specialist teachers to all pupils
  • Joint development of new framework curriculum for Early Years
  • Closer integration of SEN and Wellbeing training and knowledge share
  • Hosting joint events for pupils and parents
  • Principals identifying where they have the same staff training and Continuing Professional Development requirements
  • Pupil mentoring and leadership opportunities to lead and mentor in subject clubs

All of the recommendations were also created by staff, who identified how to make them work either as part of an existing staff meeting, or by thinking about organising new ways of working differently. It's not about creating extra work for staff or adding further pressure. Further to this, none of these recommendations will reduce the teaching time for pupils. They all add real benefits for pupils and staff and contribute to the Trustees' ambition for flagship educational provision for both academies. It is important to note that the unique identities of both academies will remain the same within the broader family of schools at the University of Brighton Academies Trust.

The Trustees accepted and approved all the recommendations, however in some cases, where additional resources would be required approval was subject to the development of a full business case. Trustees were particularly pleased to see how further collaboration will continue to strengthen the quality of educational provision for both current and future pupils.

It is now the responsibility of the academies' leadership, in conjunction with the Trust's Executive Team, to determine priorities and implementation timelines. The work has now started which is part of the usual integrated planning and prioritisation process.

The University of Brighton Academies Trust give a sincere and grateful 'thank you' to those who were amongst the many parents and carers who took time to complete the project survey, attended our Community Circle engagement events or shared their thoughts on the project hub, a place designated for parents and carers to express their views or ask any questions. The comments helped shape the project outcomes and were shared with both academies.