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Each year we work with all pupils to engage them in informal assessments in English, maths and reading to help our expert teaching staff, parents and carers understand the next steps of their learning journey.

In the summer term of Year 4, our pupils will sit a standardised times tables assessment. A secure knowledge of multiplication facts, up to and including the 12 times tables, are proven to set learners up with a strong basis for more advanced maths learning as they progress on their educational journey. 

At the end of key stage 2 (Year 6) all our pupils sit externally set assessments in English and maths. These standard assessment tests (SATS) take place in May and we will work will your child through the year to help them understand the process and achieve their personal best.

Assessment Purposes

At Lindfield, we strive:

  • To ensure teaching is appropriate and that learners make at least expected progress.
  • To celebrate; help plan next steps in learning; and support analysis of trends, leading to school improvement.
  • To inform discussion and dialogue with pupils, parents/carers, colleagues, school leaders and governors, moderators and assessors.
  • To support transition between year groups, key stages and schools.