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Academy uniform is available to purchase from Broadbridges or Monkhouse. Links to both can be found on the Useful Links page

Useful Links

Academy Uniform

Branded items

  • Green Lindfield Primary
  • Academy Jumper/Cardigan
  • Yellow Lindfield Primary
  • Academy Polo Shirt

Unbranded items

  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • Grey or white socks
  • Grey or black tights
  • Green and white checkered dress/playsuit
  • Grey skirt
  • Predominately black school shoes or trainer type shoes

Acceptable generic items:
In order to remove any barrier or inequality due to costs, the following items can be used at the academy’s discretion

  • Yellow polo shirt
  • Dark green jumper/cardigan


  • The children in Year 4 take part in an onsite Forest School. Warm, comfy outdoor clothes and boots children already own are suitable for this activity.
  • World Book Day and Christmas Jumper Day see children dressing up in costumes or seasonal wear. There is no expectation on the scale of these outfits and dressing up is entirely optional.

PE Kit

Branded items

  • White and Green Lindfield Primary Academy PE Top

Unbranded Items

  • Plimsolls/trainers for PE and sport sessions
  • Green PE shorts
  • Grey leggings

Acceptable generic items:
In order to remove any barrier or inequality due to costs, the following items can be used at the academy’s discretion

  • White PE t-shirt


  • The children in Year 3 take part in swimming activities during the summer term. Children may wear their own swimming costumes and trunks/shorts. Goggles are advised.
  • For Sports Days, children wear a t-shirt of their House team (red, blue, yellow or green). The PTA sell branded t-shirts for those who wish, although plain t-shirts in the colour of the house team are sufficient.

Jewellery, Shoes, Coats and Bags

  • The academy recognises that some children may wear jewellery for religious, medical or personal reasons. Stud earrings, inconspicuous necklace and small hair accessories are acceptable. Overtly large, dangly jewellery is not accepted as this can cause risk to the child wearing it and their peers. All jewellery is expected to be removed for PE lessons unless exemption is given by the principal on an individual basis.
  • Children should wear shoes that are predominantly black. These shoes can be ‘school shoes’ or trainer style shoes for comfort. Shoes for PE and academy sport activities should be provided separately wherever possible.
  • Children are encouraged to bring a small bag to the academy daily with the items they require (such as water bottles, packed lunches, home/school communication books, etc.).
  • Branded book bags are available for purchase but are not mandatory.
  • RE kits can be put in separate small draw-string bags to be hung on pegs in cloakrooms.
  • There are no branded coats and jackets for warmth so these can be of any type. We strongly suggest these are named to avoid them being lost.


  • There may be very good reason why a child requires an exemption or adaptation to the academy uniform, for example, due to a protected characteristic such as disability. The academy will happily work with parents and children on a case-by-case basis to ensure that every individual child’s needs are met.

Our academy uniform policy can be found on our policy page for further details