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Our Early Years Scientists

As part of Science Week, Early Years based our learning around the text Stanley’s Stick and we investigated the question ‘Is a stick alive or dead?’

To begin the week, we walked around the school grounds looking for signs of Spring.  We then ventured into the forest to read our key text and collect sticks!  Mrs Smith posed our big question and we discussed our ideas about whether the sticks were alive or dead.  We learnt about where sticks come from and why, when they have fallen from the trees they are no longer living.  We looked at the difference between a stick that was dead and one that was still living.

Back in the classroom we learnt more about what ‘living’ means and sorted items into alive or dead to show our understanding.  We had a visitor in to talk to us about plants and growth and we planted sunflower seeds.  Just like Stanley in our story, we imagined all the things our sticks could be and created some fantastic art work to represent our ideas.



















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