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Computer Science Week 2019

During the week 25th – 29th November, Lindfield Primary Academy once again celebrated Computer Science Week. Special assemblies took place where children learned about Grace Hopper, one of the first computer scientists and creator of the term ‘debug’. Our Digital Leaders helped teach parents how to use PurpleMash during 2 workshops and the whole school enjoyed the Hour of Code. Years 4 and 5 were also visited by local web page designer Pete Cole who explained what his job involved and answered the children’s many questions. These are some of the fabulous activities that took place.

Year One: As well as continuing our work on writing and debugging algorithms, Nick Faulkner helped each class to create their own web page!

Year Three: We looked at how the computer reads code. We learnt how to use an IF statement in our code and practiced these skills writing different algorithms using PurpleMash. We were also able to fix problems in code that had already been written.

Year Four: Have been working on programming and using elements of coding to help them achieve a number of graded challenge problems. If we went wrong we had to work out how to de-bug our programme. It helped us develop computational thinking skills.

Year 5: Following on from our work earlier in the term with Spheros, year 5 were set the challenge of teaching Mrs Holmes how they worked. They explained what a Sphero was, how it moved, the different methods of coding the Sphero and how to correctly switch them off and store them. They also explained what an algorithm was and what it does.


Pupils using iPads during Computer Science Week 2019
A class learning about coding during Computer Science Week 2019
Pupils using a computer during Computer Science Week 2019
Pupils using a computer during Computer Science Week 2019










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