Vision and values

Our vision

We seek to encourage all of our children to become confident, secure, caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a lifelong love of learning.


To provide a nurturing and secure environment for each child to develop.



To motivate each child to believe in themselves and to strive to meet their own potential.


To promote excellence and to recognise and celebrate success in everyone.



To provide a diverse and creative curriculum and a wide range of extra-curricular activities.


To root our academy in our village and to ensure that our pupils understand the contribution they can make to their wider community.


Our values

Our values apply within every area of school life. They work alongside our rights and responsibilities which form our code of good behaviour. Children and staff have worked together to identify how we demonstrate our values as a community.

Teamwork Twins value artwork



  • Encouraged to play cooperatively, share resources and promote an anti-bullying ethos.
  • Share ideas with each other and have opportunities to work with a partner and participate in group work.
  • Encouraged to show initiative and take a collective responsibility for their environment.


  • Share good practice, planning and resources.
  • Support each other through flexibility, advising and respecting the views and opinions of others.
  • Accept global responsibilities for ensuring our environment is maintained to a high standard (especially share areas).
  • Promote a positive outlook through getting involved, feeling valued and working towards shared goals.

Parents and community

  • Support events in the community and encourage visitors in to school.
  • Have an open door policy and promote good communication between school and parents.
  • Value our PTA who work closely with the school to enhance the children’s learning.
Emperor of Enthusiasm value artwork



  • Undertake all activities with a positive outlook.
  • Try their best throughout and show a willingness to learn.
  • Feel safe in order to take risks.


  • Provide an environment and curriculum that inspires children to come to school.
  • Have a positive outlook and willingness to embrace change.
  • Get involved with new projects and initiatives.
  • Positive and specific praise used by all staff.

Parents and community

  • Embrace new ideas and events with an open mind.
  • Support the school community across a wide range of projects.
  • Support and praise the children throughout their learning.



Super Celebration value artwork



  • Recognise and value their own achievements and each others'.
  • Take pride in their work and always try their best to meet high goals set.


  • Recognise and value children’s achievements in and out of school, by giving them regular verbal praise and awarding certificates, stickers, prizes and house points.
  • Share good practice in staff meetings.

Parents, governors and community

  • Recognise and value the achievements met and made by the school.
  • Attend events such as concerts, class performances, sporting fixtures.
  • Share good work with parents at parents' meetings and open afternoons.
Pirate of Perseverance value



  • Encouraged to keep trying and show determination.
  • Encouraged to show initiative when faced with challenges and show an emotional resilience when faced with tasks that demand a lot from them.


  • Demonstrate a positive and determined attitude towards tasks and overcome difficulties through remaining resilient.
  • Remain solution focused and support each other with patience, enthusiasm and encouragement so a positive outcome can be reached.
  • Encourage children to foster an attitude to take risks and allow mistakes to be made.
  • Celebrate all tasks and activities that demonstrate perseverance, to enable children to gain a sense of personal achievement.

Parents and community

  • Ongoing commitment to encouraging, enthusing and motivating children and staff to show determination and perseverance in their work.
  • Commitment to support and work in partnership to achieve goals.
Star of Success value



  • Achievement is valued and celebrated across the school.
  • Children are supported and challenged to meet their potential across the curriculum.
  • Children develop a sense of pride through the celebration of their achievements.
  • Children identify their next steps in learning.


  • Encourage and enable the continuous professional development of all staff.
  • Encourage high achievement in all subjects of the curriculum through a passionate and creative approach
  • Support and celebrate all achievement across the school.
  • Encourage children to have the confidence to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Recognise and unlock potential in all children.

Parents and community

  • Open teacher/parent/child relationships.
  • Regular communication between governors and staff.
  • Celebrate achievement together.
Independent I value



  • Are responsible for their own actions, belongings and their environment to enhance their learning.
  • Access the available resources and adhere to clearly established routines.
  • Remember ‘3 before me’ when learning (book, buddy and board).


  • Provide appropriate differentiation and assessment with well planned and appropriate resourced lessons.
  • Be confident individuals who are prepared to tackle new initiatives and open to change and different ways of working.

Parents and community

  • Equip their children with appropriate labelled resources and relevant information to enable them to access all school activities.
  • Give children responsibilities to enable independence.


Respect Ranger value



  • Be sensitive to each other’s needs, likes, abilities, beliefs cultures and traditions. Talk to each other to work out problems, taking turns and sharing
  • Be polite to adults by listening well during teaching time and assembly, listen to and act on their advice.
  • Look after school property and each other’s belongings. Remember to be quiet in corridors as others may be working.


  • Treat all children and adults with consideration and courtesy. Listen to others, valuing ideas and input.
  • Be on time for meetings, communicate arrangements and be prepared to compromise. Be trustworthy and observe confidentiality.
  • Take pride in our school environment by putting things away and help to maintain communal areas.
  • Taking time to listen to each other.

Parents and community

  • Reinforce school routines, rules and values at home.
  • Follow the correct channels to express concerns and work in partnership with school to address them.
  • Mutual trust between families and school to share relevant information about the child.