Who We Are

As a parent of a child or as a Teacher at Lindfield Primary your automatically become a member of the PTA. If you wish to become more involved with the PTA and become a Committee Member you’ll be able to have a say on what we do and where the money we raise is spent.

Class Representatives play a crucial role at the academy. They are the main contact for any queries between parents, the School and the PTA. They send out emails reminders for Events, Special Days, etc. and can also quite often be found volunteering at PTA events and organizing social engagements for parents (that includes nights out for Dads as well as the Mums!) in their Class/Year.

PTA Committee - School Year 2015/2016

Rebecca Belfield Joint Chair
Helen Robinson Joint Chair
Rebecca Batney Joint Vice Chair
Emily Hadden Joint Vice Chair
Sophie Hazeu Secretary
Laura Brookes Treasurer
Marcus Still Principal
Rachel Anscombe Governor/Teacher
Lucy Duncalfe Teacher
Claire Martin Teacher
Ayesha Gilani Committee member
Carrie Faraday Committee member
Giselle Beattie Committee member
Stephen Sowden-Mabbott Committee member
Viv Brennan Committee member
Louise Walker Committee member
Susan Nicolson Committee member
Max Moir Committee member
John Ballinger Committee member
Claire Cleaverdon Committee member

Class Representatives - School Year 2015/2016

Charlotte Ballinger
Fiona Keyte
Steff Cooper
Reception - Chestnut
Susannah Leppard
Chris Leppard
Kelly Cattle
Reception - Hazel
Susan Nicholson
Louise Walker
Reception - Willow
Kate Hewson
Emily Hadden
Year 1 - Apple
Emma Bannister
Emma Sowden-Mabbott
Year 1 - Cherry
Corinna May
Alex Keogh
Year 1 - Pear
Marguerite Lazell
Averil O’Hagan
Year 2 - Holly
Maria Powell
Emma Hale
Year 2 - Maple
Carrie Faraday
Abi Redd
Rachel Swainson
Year 2 - Rowan
Holly Seymour
Kate Morel
Elissa Pette
Year 3 - Copper Beech
Sophie Hazu
Amanda Harris-Keane
Year 3 - Silver Birch
Liz Stevens Year 4 - Laurel
Caroline O’Keffe
Kat Rumble
Year 4 - Lime
Jo Bryan Year 4 - Pine
Simon Fitzpatrick
Sarah Eden-Jones
Year 5 - Cedar
Lisa Walker
Ceri Steel
Year 5 - Juniper
Rachel Hughes
Caroline Goodwin
Year 5 - Palm
Clare Grout
Debbie Pierpoint
Year 6 - Elm
Kathryn Ault
Jane Farbrother
Year 6 - Oak