Who We Are

As a parent of a child or as a Teacher at Lindfield Primary Academy, you automatically become a member of the PTA. If you wish to become more involved with the PTA and become a Committee Member you’ll be able to have a say on what we do and where the money we raise is spent.

Class Representatives play a crucial role at the academy. They are the main contact for any queries between parents, the School and the PTA. They send out emails reminders for Events, Special Days, and can also quite often be found volunteering at PTA events and organizing social engagements for parents in their Class/Year.

PTA Committee - School Year 2018/2019

Anna Ashley Joint Chair
Rebecca Downie Joint Chair
Carrie Faraday Co-Vice Chair
Anna Shears Co-Vice Chair
Claire Walter Co-Vice Chair
Steve Hall Treasurer
Lynne Roberjot Secretary
Marcus Still Principal
Rachel Anscombe Governor/Teacher
Susan Nicholson Committee member
Laura Bartlett Committee member
Alison Lainchbury Committee member
Emma Sowden-Mabbott Committee member
Naomi Morgan Tolworthy Committee member
Tracey Reed Committee member
Lucy Fuller Committee member
Amanda Walton Committee member
Caroline Ford Committee member
Liz Hughes Committee member
Julia Barham Committee member
Ali Bourne Committee member
Anna Wooller Committee member
Hannah de Ville Committee member
Vivian Brennan Committee member
Essie Hiley Committee member

Class Representatives - School Year 2017/2018

Anna Wells
Liz Hughes
Reception - Hazel
Logon Reygate
Anna Wooller
Reception - Willow
Ali Bourne
Mandy Street
Hannah Keating
Reception - Chestnut
Helen Doyle
Alex Taylor
Year 1 - Apple
Lucy Fuller
Fiona Rogers
Mark Crumpet
Year 1 - Pear
Lizzie Ockford
Kate Henderson
Year 1 - Cherry
Caroline Ford
Sue Elcott
Helen Robinson
Year 2 - Maple
Beckie Henton
Catherine Frewing
Lucy Thompson
Year 2 - Holly
Kathryn Dore
Tabitha Bird
Year 2 - Rowan
Fiona Jennings
Maree Glover
Year 3 - Poplar
Emma Roderick
Emma Murphy
Year 3 - Silver Birch
Nicky Veysey
Rachael Wall
Year 3 - Copper Beech
Tracey Read
Georgina Thomas
Year 4 - Pine
Debs Pett
Susie Jones
Year 4 - Juniper
Emma Sowden Mabbott
Jillian Briggs
Year 4 - Lime
Jo Becker
Julia St Clare
Year 5 - Cedar
Colette Cannon
Liz Stevens
Year 5 - Laurel
Abi Redd
Carrie Faraday
Year 5 - Palm
Helen Robinson
Lisa Walker
Year 6 - Ash
Elaine Hilder
Carly Young
Year 6 - Elm