Gifted and Talented Children

Our curriculum is differentiated to allow all our children to progress. Our Gifted and talented children are stretched and challenged across all subjects.

As a school we are part of the Central Mid-Sussex Schools’ CIC where every year between February half-term and Easter a programme of activities are delivered by local primary and secondary school teachers to enrich the curriculum for our Gifted and Talented children.

We are also very fortunate to have two teachers at Lindfield who are employed to take out groups of children who are on our Gifted and Talented register. During these sessions, the children are faced with stimulating learning opportunities to enable them to fully reach their potential.

What we mean by Gifted

Gifted young people have two or more abilities that have developed significantly ahead of their year group or have the potential to develop these abilities. Gifted young people usually score well on cognitive ability tests and would normally be within the top 10% nationally on such tests.

Gifted young people will also have the following characteristics:

  • ability to achieve at a level significantly in advance of their year group, in a range of subjects;
  • skills to process information quickly and be good at problem solving, often coming up with non-orthodox solutions;
  • a lively and original imagination/sense of humour;
  • unusual and original responses to problem-solving activities.

Gifted young people may also have one or more of the characteristics below:

  • a range of interests, some of which are almost obsessions;
  • heightened sensitivity and awareness;
  • a strong sense of leadership;
  • a strong focus on his or her interests rather than what is being taught;
  • possible dyslexia or some form of autism (This applies particularly although not exclusively, to male students.);
  • accomplished at establishing relations with adults but sometimes find it more difficult to relate to young people of their own age. (Their social and emotional needs should be met by providing opportunities for association and joint activities with other gifted students.)

Families can find more information on the website of the National Association for Gifted Children

What we mean by Talented

Talented refers to young people who have the ability or potential to achieve at a level significantly in advance of their year group in particular activities such as art, modern languages (often as a result of living overseas), craft, music, drama, sport and dance. Many young people have one particular talent at which they excel and we wish to cater for their needs.