Absence and Attendance

Absence from school

Parents are expected to contact the academy on the first day of the child’s absence to explain the reason for the absence and to establish an expected date of return. In the case of a prolonged absence, parents are required to update the academy every twenty-four hours. On the child’s return to academy, the parent should provide the academy with a written explanation for the absence. Parents should also provide an explanation when their child arrives late for school.


Regular academy attendance is a prerequisite of a good education and securing it is a priority at Lindfield Primary Academy. The damage and disruption caused by poor attendance and lateness affects not only the individual pupil but also adversely affects other pupils and teaching staff.

It is the parent’s responsibility and their legal duty that their child attends school. The majority of parents impress upon their children the value of punctual and regular attendance. We seek to work in partnership with all parents to encourage such values. Through good communication the whole academy community should have a clear understanding of the academy’s policy and expectations regarding pupil attendance.

When a pupil returns to school following an absence and there is no reason given a standard letter is sent home. The response is then recorded in the register. A letter is also sent when a pupil is often late for school.

For more information please read Attendance Policy