Dogs Trust

Published Jan 10, 2017

Before Christmas we were very lucky to have the 'Dogs Trust' come into school to visit the children with the wonderfully behaved dog Paddy. We decided, in response to parental feedback and to support safety with dogs around our community, that we would invite Dogs Trust into school to deliver advice and dog safety information to the children. Our aim was to ensure the children learn how to treat dogs and how to behave around dogs that they do not know: in a home; out and about in the community; as well as in the school grounds. Our goal was to teach the children how to approach a dog correctly and what to do if they are scared by a dog. The workshops were very positively received and were a great success. The children discussed and analysed different scenarios related to dogs in the home and community and were asked to grade the safety of each. We feel this has given every child the opportunity to learn a great deal related to general dog safety. Thank you to the Dogs Trust for supporting our academy.