Welcome to Year 5

We wish your children every success in the year ahead. Please feel free to come and see us with any concerns that you may have.


Mrs Magee &
Ms Holmes


Miss Martinez


Mr Fox

Year 5 TA's: Mrs Rolph, Ms Billson and Mrs Anderson

Home Learning

The expectation is that each week, children will complete tasks related to spellings, times tables and reading. There will also be either a grammar or maths task to be completed.

Naming Clothes

Please ensure all your child’s clothes and belongings are clearly labelled.

Please include water bottles, P.E. kit and lunch boxes.

P.E. kit should be in school EVERY day.


The weekly planning preparation and assessment time will occur on Thursday afternoons when the children will be taught by Ms Billson, Ms Holmes and Mrs Anderson.

School trips

Autumn - Bowles Residential,
Spring - Hands on History workshop (Ancient Greeks) and Mobile Planetarium,
Summer - Wakehurst Place

Term Topics

Aiming High (involving mountains)

In Autumn Term we are Aiming High. We will follow Sir Edmund Hillary’s adventure to conquer Everest through reading David Hill’s “First to the Top, imagining how it would feel to stand on the 'roof of the world' and writing our own diary entries. We then go on to study the wonderful language and imagery in Jackie Morris' book “The Snow Leopard”, writing our own version of the story before going on to write persuasive pieces to save this mysterious and endangered species.

Topic work will teach children key Geographical skills in how to locate mountains on a world map, understanding how these magnificent land forms are made and learning about Mountain environments around the world in order to compare them with those here in the UK.

During this term, the children are encouraged to reach some of their own personal goals and challenge themselves during the outward bound experience held at Bowles in November.

Medium Term Skill Overview - Autumn

Groovy Greeks!

This half term we will be exploring Ancient Greece! Basing much of our learning on the story of Odysseus, we will be journeying across the Greek world. Our writing will build up towards an exciting police report into Odysseus’ mysterious disappearance from his home of Ithaca. In science, we will be looking at various forces (such as air resistance and gravity).

In our DT learning we will be designing, building and evaluating our own moving mechanisms. These will include levers and linkages.

To finish our topic, we will be having our own fantastic Greek Day – including food, art and history!

Click here to view the spring term skills map.

Trip this term – Greek Day

Out of this world!

For the second part of the Spring Term we will be blasting off into space! Using the book “The Planet Gods”, we will be exploring the solar system and beyond. We will be researching and writing our own fact pages about our space learning. As we move towards Easter, we will begin to learn about the events of Holy Week and its importance to Christians across the world.

Year 5’s jigsaw piece in PSHE will focus on how we can live a healthy lifestyle.

The Nature of Storytelling

For our final term we will be delving into the world of storytelling. Using “The Lost Happy Endings” by Carol Ann Duffy, we will develop our descriptive writing. In Science we will explore lifecycles of plants and animals, which will lead into our exciting trip to Wakehurst Place. As the term progresses, our focus will move onto non-fiction narratives.

In PSHE this term, our two jigsaw pieces will be “Relationships” and “Changing Me”. This will include work on friendships, health and hygiene, puberty, mental health and growing up.

Medium Term Skill Overview - Summer

Trip this term – Wakehurst Place Gardens


Year 5 Residential: Bowles 2019

This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience a range of outward bound activities which are delivered between 18-20th November 2019 for the whole year group. Attached below is the presentation shown at the Parent Meeting on 9th October 2019.

Bowles presentation 2019

Health and Hygiene

In the summer term we deliver the Health and Hygiene aspects of our Sex Education Policy which complements our science work on life cycles of animals, plants and humans. The children have the opportunity to handle hygiene products such as flannels, soap and deodorant.

How Can I Support My Child

Regular reading and discussion with your child about their chosen reading book is still very valuable. Encourage them to explain why they chose the book, what do they think will happen next? Can they recall what has happened so far or make predictions? Supporting your child with the learning of their weekly spelling and mastery of the multiplication tables is also a valuable skill.