Welcome to Year 4

A BIG welcome to Year 4 children and parents from all of the team! We are looking forward to a very exciting year.


Miss Crosbie
LAs - Mrs Anderson and Mrs Michta


Mrs Francis and Mrs Lea
TA: Mrs Hodge


Ms Vallance
TA: Ms Buck

Homework, Challenges and Home/School Diaries:

Mathematics A Mathematics sheet will be sent home every Friday and will be expected to be handed in on a Thursday.

Spelling rules Every half term, children will be sent home with a list of our Year 4 ‘Special Spellings’ which we would like them to learn for a spelling test at the end of each half term. In addition to these spellings, they will also come home with a list of words which follow a rule every week. They will be tested on Friday in their spelling book and this will be sent home so you can see their progress. If your child is already able to spell these, please encourage them to use the spellings in a piece of description or in more complex sentences; this could be written on paper and glued into the back of the Mathematics Homework book.


There will be a number of challenges displayed which relate to our termly topic, please encourage your child to choose and complete at least 3 of these during each half term. This challenge work can be brought into school (or photographed at home and the photo brought in) whenever your child has completed each task. Children will be awarded a House Point for every challenge. Please encourage your child to complete these challenges as independently as they can with guidance when required. These challenges may stay the same during the second half of the term. Please also ensure Home/School diaries are handed in on Thursdays with their Mathematics and Spelling Homework books.

Times Table Challenge:

Times tables continues to be a big focus for children in Year 4. Children will continue to work through their Times Table Challenge which they began in Year 3. If they successfully answer all questions (2 errors allowed) within 2 minutes they will receive their certificate and will move to the next challenge. Please see our school website for helpful hints on how to assist your child with learning their times tables up to 12x12 and copies of sheets which children can print off and challenge themselves.

Term Topics

My Time Machine

We will be travelling backwards and forwards in time, focussing mainly on life in Tudor Times. We will be visiting Hever Castle and looking at the differences between poor and rich Tudor living.

We will also be having a futuristic day later in the term where children are encouraged to come to school dressed as if they were travelling to the future!

Yabba Dabba Doooo

In this term we will be looking at life from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, focusing on comparing and contrasting life in both periods of time. We will be using different historical resources to enable this topic to come to life!

Homework and Challenges Spring

Reflecting Rivers

In the summer, we will be learning about the river system and the different rivers around the world. We will be using atlases and maps to locate rivers and biomes. Later in the term we will be visiting Dapdune Wharf in Guildford, where the children will see a working lock and we will take a trip along the River Wey, studying the features as we go.



Just a reminder that your child needs to have a white t-shirt, shorts and a pair of trainers for PE. We also advise providing a tracksuit for outside PE. Please put all kit in a named bag and label each item. Please can we remind you that no jewellery should be worn, including earrings and long hair should be tied back (please ensure hair ties are in your child’s bag). PE days will be written in the home/school diary, but please can your child leave their PE kit in school all week in case it changes.

Rucksack and pencil cases

Like Year 3, we still encourage your child to bring in a rucksack so they can keep their own personal belongings safe. Pencil cases will be used every day; please can your child have one in their school bag ready to use. Please can it include: a few pencils, rubber, sharpener, colouring pencils, felt tip pens and a ruler. This does not need to be too big, because they need to fit it into a tray. Please have this clearly named.

Show and Tell

We will be encouraging the children to bring in any items which they have at home, including books, artefacts and research about our termly topic. They will be able to talk about the item which they have brought in from home to the class.


Your child has the opportunity to collect stickers, house points, certificates, Star of the day and ‘In It To Win It’ prizes. When children in the class have produced great work (linked with their ability), worked really hard and behaved fantastically, they will be asked to put their name on a raffle ticket and place it in the ‘In It To Win It’ jar and at the end of the week a ticket will be chosen at random and the child whose ticket is chosen will be awarded a prize and certificate. The child who achieves ‘Star of the Day’ will also be awarded with a certificate and will be allowed to sit on the ‘Star’ cushion the following day.

Please encourage your child to talk about why they have been given one of these rewards, to support the celebration of their achievements.

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