Welcome to Year 3

We wish your child every success for the coming year; here is some information to make the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 as smooth as possible.

Copper Beech

Julie Ashmore
Dawn Smith

Silver Birch

Sandra Garden
Julie Roworth


Carol Whelan
Liz Martin

Year group TAs: Miss Buck, Mrs Blake
and Mrs Brennan (Wednesday only)

Home Learning:
This will be set on Thursday and due in on Tuesday. The children will have a homework folder to keep their home school diary, maths homework book and spelling book in.

This should be signed by both parents and teachers on weekly basis. There will also be a homework challenge sheet from which children can choose and complete at least two challenges each half term.

Children should have their PE kits in school every day due to timetable variations. Your child needs to have a white t-shirt, shorts and a pair of plimsolls and trainers for PE.

We also advise providing a tracksuit for outside PE. Please put all kit in a named bag and label each item. In the Summer term, children will have swimming lessons at the Dolphin Leisure Centre.

The class teachers have Planning and Assessment time on a Wednesday afternoon. During this time Mrs Webster, Mrs Whelan or Mrs Martin and Mrs Garden or Mrs Bland will take French, R.E. and PSHE sessions.

Snack Time:
We encourage children to bring in a healthy snack which they can eat during the morning break.

Show and Tell:

To help develop speaking and listening skills each child will have the opportunity during the year, to take home a special ‘Show and Tell’ bag, this will give them the chance to plan and gather any items for a short presentation on a subject of their choice. It may be about an item or event that is particularly important to them. Children will share these presentations in school on a Friday.

Welcome to Year 3

Spencer, Bonnie and Barnaby!

This year we have a class pet of the cuddly variety named Spencer (Copper Beech), Bonnie (Silver Birch) and Barnaby (Poplar). Every Friday we will choose a child to take home our pet and to write a diary entry about their weekend adventure from the pet’s point of view. Please encourage your child to write the diary entry and to take photos or draw illustrations to accompany their writing.

Term Topics

Footprints in the Past

Our term begins by continuing our work on Dinosaurs and Volcanoes, before we explore the wonders of Ancient Egypt and its people.

In English we use the text ‘Uneversaurus’ by Professor Potts to extend our knowledge on dinosaurs and enthuse us to write a persuasive letter to Professor Potts, asking him if we can join him on a dinosaur dig.

Texts such as ‘The Secrets of Tutankhamun’ and ‘Why were the Mummies Wrapped?’ springboard us into the world of Ancient Egypt and provide opportunities for writing an explanation text about how the pyramids were built, as well as a diary extract about Ancient Egyptian life.

In Science we conduct a fair test and experiment to make our volcanoes erupt. We also investigate how fossils are formed, bringing this to life through the creation of our own fossils. We also investigate Mary Anning’s contribution to palaeontology.

In History we begin to understand who the Ancient Egyptians were, using a timeline to understand their place in the past. We explore the significance of the pyramids and learn how they were built. We also become History detectives, using different historical sources to find out who was the boy behind the golden mask. As well as exploring the importance of the River Nile in Ancient Egypt.

In Geography we build on knowledge acquired through our work in History and look at Egypt as it is today. We develop our locational knowledge and map Egypt using atlases, globes and digital sources. We focus on the role of the River Nile in the present and make comparisons with the River Nile in the past.

In Design Technology we investigate why pyramids are sturdy structures, experimenting with construction kits and different body shapes. Whilst in Art we learn about the work of Gustav Klimt, which inspires us to design patterns and explore the use of colour. From this we create a mural for inside an Egyptian tomb.

In Computing we learn how to use simple search technologies to explore Egyptian tombs, recognising some sources are more reliable than others. Meanwhile in Music we are learning to play the glockenspiel and will learning about note duration and rests.

In PSHE our jigsaw piece is ‘Healthy Me’, which gives us the opportunity to learn about healthy living and keeping ourselves safe.

Medium Term Skills Overview

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Year 3 - Pirate Day

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