Welcome to Year 2

We wish your children every success in the year ahead. Please feel free to come and see us with any concerns that you may have.


Miss Olive


Miss O'Brien


Miss Gorringe

TAs across the the year group are:
Mr Alcock, Mr Noyes, Ms Blackman, Mrs Joseph and Mrs Epps

Homework in Year 2 will focus on English, Spelling and Mathematics as well as regular reading, all of which are quite informal.

English: Tasks may support the teaching of grammar and punctuation, or relate to the topic.

Spelling: Your child will be given spellings weekly alongside a fun strategy to help learn them.

Reading: Children are encouraged to take home a book to share with parents/carers for about ten minutes each evening. As an alternative, children can research and read information relating to topic work.

Maths: Homework will be given out each Friday, to be handed in by the next Thursday.

Please ensure that your child’s P.E. kit is clearly named and brought into school at the beginning of the week. We will have two sessions per week.

The class teachers have Planning and Assessment time on a Wednesday afternoon. During this time Mrs Blackman, Mr Alcock and Mrs Clare will teach a foundation subject.

Welcome To Year 2

Welcome Meeting

Key stage one sats meeting

Term Topics


We enjoyed a visit from 'Samuel Pepys' and took part in a Great Fire of London Workshop. We listened to the story of how the fire began and joined in with the acting!

We used our senses to generate ideas for a group poem. We thought about what we could hear and see plus what we would be thinking or saying if there was a fire. We looked at a repeating line and decided where we wanted it for the best effect. We then published them on flames and performed them to the class!


We started off the term with a trip to the Arctic. We enjoyed learning about the animals that lived there with a tasty hot chocolate! We located the Arctic on a world map and and researched polar bears. We used all the facts we researched to create our very own fact page. We looked carefully at polar bears and created our own chalk sketches of them.

We had great fun investigating ice. We had to save the poor lego man who was trapped in an ice berg. We made predictions then tested different substances on the ice to see which was the best way to save the man. We tried out washing up liquid, salt, wrapping a paper towel around the ice and finally using a tooth pick to chip away the ice.

Then we read about Tom Crean and Captain Scott who went on a voyage to Antarctica to visit the South Pole. We learnt about penguins and how they are adapted to live in their environment. We also looked at the life cycle of a penguin and wrote a diary as if we were a penguin inside an egg ready to hatch!

Medium term skills map

Scales and Tales

During the Spring term we will be looking at castles, knights and dragons! We learn about drawbridges, arrow loops, turrets and battlements. To bring this topic to life, we visit Lewes Castle and take a tour of the castle ruins. While there we get to climb to the top of the tower and look at the view across Sussex. We also get to look at artifacts from many years ago and even try on some chain mail!

The children have many opportunities to explore writing for different purposes including narratives, letters, character descriptions and poetry. In Maths we continue to look at multiplication and division, shape, statistics and we even make potions when looking at capacity!

After half term, the children will be learning about reptiles. We look at life cycles and explore their habitats. We also take part in a Jaws n Claws workshop! This fun, interactive workshop gives the children the opportunity to hold reptiles and learn even more about them.

Medium Term Skill Overview Scales and Tales 1 2018
Medium Term Skill Overview Scales and Tales 2 2018

Splish Splash Splosh

In the summer, we will be learning about sea creatures and the seaside, past and present. We enjoy a trip to the beach and make our very own lighthouses.

Medium Term Skill Overview

Year 2 had a fantastic day at the Sea Life Centre (despite the thundery showers) and a ride on the world's oldest operating electric railway. The children are creating some informative leaflets about the Sea Life Centre using all the knowledge they gained from the trip.