Part of the broad, balanced curriculum here at Lindfield is the teaching of Religious Education. We believe that all children, from any faith or culture, should feel welcomed into the school community and this is fostered through the learning and exposure to a variety of religions.

The school follows a curriculum created by 'Discovery RE'- this scheme of work ensures that we are teaching about a multitude of religions that are revisited throughout the Key Stages to enable a progression of learning across the school.

In Early Years the children spend time exploring the religions of Christianity and Judaism in the first two terms. The children think about the celebrated festivals in the Christian calendar, linking this to the celebrations in Judaism. The final term brings this together with exploring special stories and places of a multitude of religions.

Years One and Two build upon this teaching as the children look in more depth at what Christians believe- the children take time to ask 'Big Questions' and make connections across religions. The children also learn about Judaism in Year One and are introduced to Islam in Year Two.

Key Stage Two builds upon the learning of Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism and Islam with the addition of Hinduism in Year Three. The children are encouraged to think critically and ask questions of a religion as each half term focuses on a 'Big Question'.

These religious topics have been chosen specifically from the 'Discovery RE' scheme to support and make links with our topics as part of the creative curriculum.

RE Curriculum Whole School Plan

What's on?

Throughout the year, local churches in Lindfield have kindly been coming into our Wednesday community assemblies. This term, both KS1 and KS2 have been exploring Pentecost and many other stories from the gospels. In the picture below, we were learning about the story of Martha and Mary and the importance of listening.