At Lindfield Primary Academy we believe that teaching personal, social, health and economic (PHSE) education is integral to providing a board and balanced curriculum. We believe that good quality PSHE education prepares children for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life, whilst also supporting the well-being of the children throughout their school career.

The Jigsaw PSHE scheme taught at Lindfield Primary Academy, covers many spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) issues that affect the children as they progress in their school career. Additionally, the Jigsaw scheme significantly contributes to the British Values agenda through direct teaching of information and through the experiential learning the children take part in.

The Jigsaw scheme is based upon a whole school approach to PSHE which is progressive and sequential. The scheme is structured into 6 half-termly units of work, mapped out like puzzle pieces. These comprise of the units; 'Being Me in My World', Celebrating Differences', 'Dreams and Goals', 'Healthy Me', 'Relationships' and 'Changing Me'. There are 6 Jigsaw puzzle friends for each year group. Every year group works on the same theme each half term. This enables the learning message to be reinforced through whole school activities, such as assemblies.

Mindfulness activities are key components of the Jigsaw PSHE lessons. The children reflect on their experiences and understand how they are developing personally and socially, tackling issues that are part of growing up. The Jigsaw PSHE lessons help the children develop their self-belief, realise their value and encourages them to become increasingly responsible for their own learning. In addition, the children develop understanding of their place within the wider community, and are taught how to resolve conflicts, develop collaboration skills and respect for others.

Anti-Bullying Week 2017

In November, Lindfield Primary Academy took part in Anti-Bullying Week. In an assembly on the Monday the children were introduced to the Anti-Bullying Alliance theme 'All Different, All Equal.' The theme was based on empowering children to celebrate being unique and to respect and celebrate differences among one another. In classes the children each created and decorated a personalised jigsaw piece to show who they are as individuals. The children put the puzzles pieces together and completed an activity which emphasised the importance of celebrating differences and demonstrated how working together makes the school community stronger. The jigsaw pieces were used to create some wonderful displays in classrooms, highlighting the academy's commitment to ensuring all children feel valued.

Children's Mental Health Week 2018

This February 2018, Linfield Primary Academy took part Children’s Mental Health week as promoted by the organisation ‘Place 2 Be’. After a very successful Anti-Bullying Week which was based on celebrating being unique and respecting differences, we wanted to encourage the children to discuss the different things that they do which make them happy.

We had a whole school assembly focused on the importance of looking after your own well-being and what to do if emotions become too much. The children then went back to classes to complete activities based on the book ‘Silly Billy’ by Anthony Browne.

In classes, the children discussed the things they could do to look after their own well-being and the importance of sharing worries and asking for help. They also created calming glitter jars and worry boxes to display and use in their classrooms.

During the week the teachers taught a children’s yoga programme as part of their P.E lessons and emphasised the importance of exercise and relaxation.

Year 3 and Year 5 completed wonderful art activities based on the book ‘Silly Billy,’ which is proudly displayed outside our assembly hall! Year 3 made lovely Guatemalan worry dolls which promote the importance of sharing worries and asking for help. Year 5 completed fantastic silhouette pictures based on the different things that they do which makes them happy.