More Able

At Lindfield Primary Academy we strive to provide the very best education for pupils of all abilities. With this in mind, we have designed a broad and balanced curriculum which enables all children to achieve to the highest end of their potential. We recognise that a huge number of the children in our academy have subjects or areas where they are either performing, or have the potential to perform, at a higher level than the majority of their peers. We identify these pupils as more able.

Our aims are to:

  • Provide an enriched, broad and balanced curriculum to engage and inspire all learners.
  • Identify pupils who are striving to work at a greater depth in one or more curriculum or school value area.
  • Provide opportunities for mastery level learning through Quality First Teaching in the classroom.
  • Set challenging but attainable targets for all children, including those identified as more able.
  • Provide enrichment activities outside of the classroom utilising secondary, college and university links for all pupils, including directing resources to those identified as more able where appropriate.
  • Celebrate a vast range of achievement and attainment by all pupils in the Academy.

Our definition of more able is ANY pupil who is achieving, or has the capacity to achieve, at a greater depth than the majority of their peers in one or more curriculum area. In amongst this group there may be children who are performing at a significantly higher level relative to their age expectation and peers – at Lindfield Primary Academy we identify these pupils as the most able. As we aim to have the widest possible view of ability, we also include children who show particular skills and talents in our Academy Values - such as teamwork, perseverance and respect - in the category of more able where applicable.