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Voice in a Million 2019

A fantastic trip to Wembley Arena for 60 children, was had by all involved. All singing as part of a 5000 person child choir. Rehearsals during the day with the soloists and professional singers with the final performance in front of hundreds more parents. The children particularly enjoyed exciting performances from 3 bands well-known from Instagram and Britains Got Talent. The children worked extremely hard rehearsing for months with Mrs Rolph to perfect the songs and dance moves, that enabled them to take part in a spectacular concert.  

60 year 5 and 6 children travelled up to London to perform at Wembley Arena. Along with many other schools, we sang a number of songs including: ‘All of Me’ by John Legend and ‘Blinded by Your Grace’ by Stomzy. Everybody enjoyed this experience and had a great time dancing along to Road Trip (boy band). We worked really hard learning complicated dances and it all paid off - VIAM was by far the greatest school concert of all. By Annabel Hughes Year 6