Eco School

Lindfield Primary Academy’s Eco Warriors are currently working towards getting the school an Eco Schools Green Flag award. Explore this page to find out about what they have been up to in their efforts to make the school a more environmentally friendly place!

Eco Warriors meet regularly and have been inviting members of the eco-community into school to share their knowledege and expertise. Most recently this has included the RSPB.

Current projects

The Eco-Warriors have carefully carried out an environmental survey of the school grounds which has helped them to identify key areas that could be improved.

Of the nine areas covered by the Eco Schools Green Flag award, they are currently focusing on Biodiversity and are looking for ways in which to encourage wildlife that can make the school grounds their home.

The Pond

The first project the Eco Warriors identified was the pond, which was damaged and overgrown. They thought the area had great potential for encouraging wildlife and improving the biodiversity of the school grounds. After a successful pitch to the PTA, they secured funding to renovate and rejuvenate the pond.

Eco Warriors have embraced the opportunity to get hands-on and have dug out the flower beds, planting them with a range of plants that will flower and attract all sorts of insects in the Spring and Summer months.

We will be continuing to develop this area and hope that it will become a quiet space for reflection, an area to explore and discover and a place to learn!

Here you can see our Eco Warriors getting green-fingered as they worked on weeding and planting the pond area in the Autumn Term.

Latest News

RSPB workshops

With the school grounds and biodiversity being a big focus of the Eco Warriors’ efforts this year, we invited the RSPB to school to run a series of workshops. Years 3 and 4 took part in a 'Bioblitz' which involved scouring the school ground for all sorts of species including slugs, spiders and woodlice. Year 5 then collected evidence of habitats on a school map, helping them to identify where we are already providing homes for animals and ways in which we could make changes to our school grounds to encourage more wildlife. Eco Warriors were then invited to design and make bird feeders to position around the school in preparation for the Big School Bird Watch in the New Year. Watch this space for more information on this!

National Tree Week

To highlight the importance of trees for our environment, as part of National Tree Week local housing development firm Bartlett Homes came in to present the children with a tree for the new pond area. The children chose a Snowy Mespilus because of its beautiful white blossoms which we know will attract plenty of birds and insects.

Buster’s banana bake-off!

The Sussex WasteBuster mascot, Buster, encouraged the Eco Warriors to think about household food waste this term and how they could reduce the amount we throw away. To spread the message and encourage pupils to take better responsibility for the food they waste, we ran a competition to use up old bananas in baking as they are actually much sweeter and softer when brown. Lots of children got involved and sent us photos of their tasty eco-friendly treats!