Eco School

Eco School meets every Friday lunchtime. The children spend their time growing vegetables and learning about and caring for their school environment.

Our Committee

Jacob, Martha, Toby, Tess, Martha , George, Iain, Bethan and Ashley

Our current gardening projects

This term we need to get planting. We intend to plant potatoes, radishes, carrots and lettuce. We will then need to cover the ground with sticks to prevent small animals digging them up. We will also need to keep the area well-watered and dig up weeds.

Planting potatoes

Broad Beans that we planted earlier this year

Our meadow garden

Our long grass has just been cut so we have racked away all the cuttings. This is important as it allows the new grass to grow. It is important to keep some of the grass long to provide habitats for animals.

Our school pond

We are lucky to have a school pond which is home to lots of animals. This term we will pull out lots of the weed and clean it so we can study the animals that live there.

Our other projects

This term we are promoting ways to save water and energy around the school. We are busy researching how to save water and energy and we are making posters to display in classrooms.