What people say about us

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Year 4 visit October 2019

“Dear Year 4

I just wanted to drop you a short note, to thank you for the trip to Heaver Castle last week.

I thought from start to finish the trip was so well organised and a perfect combination of education and fun for both the children and parents/helpers....

The children’s behaviour was also a credit to you and all of the other teachers/teaching assistants in the Year and it was a pleasure to hear some of the comments made by other people visiting the Castle, positively commenting on our children’s behaviour and enthusiasm.

I trust the children had a wonderful week digging deeper into the history, art and architecture of Heaver Castle when they were back in school last week.

Thanks again”

Comments received from visitors to our Open Morning in November 2017:

“It’s a lovely school. I was expecting it to be hectic with such a large number of children. However, it had a good feel.”

“Larger than expected, however, an organised, friendly group of children. Very polite.”

“Lovely school. Good balance of activities – academic and sport/art. Great selection of afterschool clubs. Very polite, confident children showing us around.”

“The girls did so well showing us round a lovely school, very clean and full of happiness.”

“Thank you Jack and Josh – full of information! Lovely school, didn’t feel as big as I expected. Will be our top choice.”

“Thank you Scarlett and Gus for a fantastic tour of your school. And it is a fantastic school, great vibe with plenty of choice for the children.”

“We loved it! Charlotte and David did a wonderful job of showing us round and we thought the facilities were great.”

“Our older daughter is so happy here – lovely to look around and find out why! Thank you for the super tour.”

“Absolutely lovely! Extremely informative Year 6 and very helpful. School is well ordered, lovely pupils, spacious and well cared for. A lovely atmosphere!”

“A very big thank you to Max and Lucy for taking us on our tour. They were both were extremely well spoken and very informative! Fantastic first impressions of every area of the school – fingers cross to see you all in Sept 2018!!”

“Thank you so much to Mary and Ruby for a brilliant tour - very thorough and informative. They were both extremely polite and answered all our questions – a credit to the school. What a warm and friendly school.”

“Thank you to Charlotte and Martha for the great tour. Fantastic seeing all the children in action, both in the classroom and on the playground/gym equipment. Great atmosphere!”

“Lovely school. Children all look happy. Building flows well. Nice mix up of teaching, floor time and play. Would like my little girl to join you next Sept.”

“Henry and Sam were the most amazing tour guides, they left no stone unturned. They were a credit to the school. I love the school, its ethos and culture. Thank you all for your valuable time.”

“Thank you so much for a fabulous tour of the school, Ava and Bella! I’m thoroughly impressed by what I’ve seen; it’s clear to see all the good work that goes on here – and the fun!”

Words used by Grandparents to describe our academy following an open morning in February 2017 dedicated to them: